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The company will conduct the production based on the manuscripts and documents provided by customers, so please make sure the manuscripts and documents are correct. The company will not proofread the manuscript content and check the relevant settings for customers. If problems happen as a result of customer contributions, it is borne by the customers.


•Upload manuscript

1.Please compress all files into one zip file if there are multiple files, and change the name of the zip file to the customer's order number (quotation number) or contact telephone number.
2.Direct email to us is recommended if the file is less than 10MB. Please specify the order number (quotation number) or the name of the product orders on the subject. The content must include a contact name and telephone number.
3.Please use the services provided by sendspace or use FTP for files bigger than 10MB.


Use Sendspace

1.Open the www.sendspace.com website.
2.Press "Browse" and select files that needs to be uploaded, press "upload".
3.After uploading, email the download link with the quotation number to us.



1.Please download the FTP related software for uploads if needed.


•Manuscript format

1.Please use the vector based software for making images. Staffs of design department of V Make Manufacturing and Printing Ltd. can read AI, PSD, PDF OR CDR format.
2.MS Word is the only format accepted for text documents, or customers can send the text to us through email directly.
3.We can only support the files of PC format, Macintosh files are unusable.



•Layout setting

1.File size can be produced in accordance with the size of the advertising products. Some products will be provided with designed files for easier custom design.
2.Ratio is set to 1:1.
3.Pixel is set to 300dpi.
4.Color mode is set to four-color CMYK mode.
5.If the printing method is digital color printing or off color printing, please reserve the bleeding area for the cutting, and avoid important text or images outside the safe range.



•Text settings

1.All text in the manuscripts must be converted into outline curve font.
2.Do not use system fonts includes MingLiU and PMingLiU, etc.
3.If chosen a slim font, please do not set the font color dots to 50% or less.



•Color standard for digital and offset color printing

1.The company will not convert the Pantone to CMYK or RGB to CMYK in the manuscript provided by customers. The company shall not be responsible for all the resulting color.
2.The company will turn Pantone into CMYK when printing for digital or offset printing if Pantone is contained in the manuscript. Color will be close, but there will be deviations from the original. Addition charge per product will be charged if Pantone printing is needed.
3.There will be slight deviations with digital or offset printing, which is normal for four-color printing. The standard color quasi-tolerance in the industry is about 15%. Please use pantone printing if customers have high requirement on colors.
4.The color shown on the computer screen is for reference purposes only. In response to different computer brands, there may be a significant bias. All colors in the colored manuscript standard shall prevail.
5.When the same computer manuscript is used repeatedly, the color will have chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration of plus or minus ten degrees in the percentage is normal under printing standards.