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Brand awareness is the most common use for promotional items. Other events include public relationships, employee relations, new customer generation, new products recommendation, marketing research, products promotion, etc.. For many companies, promotional items are essential part of marketing strategy.

It's great when the gift is personality, however, the problem is whether the gift is really personality and interests of the recipient. Because you like something doesn't mean the recipient will. Try to notice that, and you would give the impression that you care about him(her) and have taken the time to understand their taste.

Timing is important. The most popular times, of course, are holidays. But you should know that other times of the year can also leave good impaction on the relationship. With logo or without logo is another key question. For some companies, customized gifts keep the company name in the mind of their clients. Such as calendar, mug, pen, etc., they are practical because they are used everyday.

There are thousands of corporate gift possibilities, here are some favorites for your reference.

Calendar--according to the survey, the message exposed on the calendar will be seen two or three times per day at home, while five or six times per day in the office. 

Notepad--50 sheets notepad will have minimum 50 exposures to the message if it is imprinted on each sheet.

Office products--the logo or advertising message would be seen several times per day in the office. Moreover, office products are more useful in the daily work.

Eco-friendly products--more and more people concern about the environment. They will care about whether the products they use are Eco-friendly, recyclable and bio-degradable. Eco-friendly gifts are potential in the future.

Collecting certain types of promotional items is also a popular hobby. Welcome to contact i-CorporateGifts to inquiry more information and advises for your corporate gift and premium. Our hot line is (65) 3163 8028 .

Gift Packing Box

Souvenir Name Gift Packing Box Minimum Order 100PCS Product Size 15.5x12.5..

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Good Luck Ruler

souvenir nameGood Luck Ruler minimum order 100PCS product size 65x15x3 MM ..

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Hair Comb

Souvenir Name Hair Comb Product Size 9.5X7X4.5 CM..

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Hand Banner

Souvenir Name Hand Banner Product Size 50X15 CM ..

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